How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Trade Shows?

There are numerous small businesses spread around the world that manufacture products which we use in our day to day life. Most of the big corporations too use their products as part of their manufacturing process to assemble their own final product; since they find buying products from smaller businesses cheaper as compared to manufacturing [...]

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Infographic: Vital Tips To Attract More Visitors To Trade Show Booths

Every business strives hard to attract the most number of visitors to their trade show display for promoting their product and attract maximum attention. Although trade show is a great way to promote your product, organising it is a tough task since there are competitors who may possibly have the same objective. The first impression [...]

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Choose the best exhibition designer for the best exhibition design

Exhibit design is the process through which exhibit is developed from just a concept to an actual exhibition. Exhibits range all the way from zoo exhibitions to trade shows and retail exhibits. Exhibits allow the companies to showcase their products and ideas. Exhibits also allow the consumers to examine the products and services of different [...]

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Are you struggling to increase sales – Pixelmate Exhibits & Designs

Are you struggling to increase sales As a frequent exhibitor or #sales representative, are you struggling to increase sales? Have you mastered your sales pitch but just need something more to get the ball rolling? Check out our video and let us share with you innovation and our experience. #interiordesign #design #business #marketing Contact [...]

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