Exhibition Stand Design & Setup for Trade Fairs for Analytics

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Exhibition Stand Design & Setup for Trade Fairs for Analytics

Exhibition Stand Design & Setup for Trade Fairs for Analytics

Pixelmate Exhibits and Designs caters to the analytics industry in the trade fair and stand setup, we have unique designs for this industry and we cater to them and provide all kinds of support and solutions required to make them stand out of the clutter, we cater not only to the fortune 500 but to the start-ups and small and medium enterprise.

Companies in the analytics industry can avail Pixelmate Exhibits & Designs service by writing to them at info@pixelmateindia.com  or logging on to their website www.pixelmateindia.com

One stop solution to all your exhibition and trade fair needs.

Analytics can simply be defined as the discovery, communication and interpretation of meaningful patterns in data. They are highly utilized in modern marketing campaigns as various organizations use these fascinating tools to describe, predict and improve business performance.

Analytics can be used to identify highly valuable patterns in a business’ mode of operation. They have quite an outstanding influence on corporate decision. In the twentieth century only large companies could carry out demographic research. In today’s world however, penniless start-ups could easily carry out analysis using any of the cheaply available tools.

Meaningful Application of Analytics

Marketing optimization

The process of marketing has evolved a great deal in the last few decades from the simple creative process it used to be to a complex process data-driven-process. Marketing organizations use analytic tools to measure the successes of their campaigns or guide investment and consumer targeting. Demographic studies , consumer segmentation and other techniques help marketers understand consumer preference better.

Web analytics give marketers access to session-level information regarding information about a website through the process of sessionization. Free analytics tools like Google analytics provide marketers with relevant information like consumer browsing history, search keywords, IP addresses. The marketing corporations can then utilize this information to create an ideal campaign plan which may include improvement of web content. Analytics tools helps marketers carry out effective and targeted marketing plans.

Portfolio analytics

This is one common application of business analytics. This is used by financial institutions to evaluate various accounts before offering credit or loans. The analytics is used to make decisions on whether or not to lend money to accounts. Parameters like risk factors and interest rates are used in this evaluation.

Risk analytics

This is the basis on which credit scores are formulated. These models are developed to bring certainty across the risk scores for individual customer. Using this system, the credit worthiness of each applicant is ascertained. This analytics system is also used in the financial institutions to analyse if a transaction is genuine or fraudulent.

Digital analytics

This is a set of business and technical activities that define, create, collect and transform digital data into research recommendations, predictions and automations. This also includes the SEO where the keyword search is tracked and that data is used for marketing purposes.

Step-by-step Guide on how to use Google Analytics for Marketing Purposes

Here is a guide on using the most common analytics tool available

This platform can prove to be difficult to crack at first trial. If however properly leveraged correctly, Google analytics can provide marketers with invaluable insight about the types of people visiting a particular website as well as relevant information like their browsing history and pages they spend most time on. Marketers can use this to enhance their strategy. Here’s how one can use Google analytics tool.

Here’s a brief description of the Google analytics platform and how it works.

The platform has three sections that matter most to marketers and these are: acquisition, audience and behaviour

The acquisition section will provide relevant information on the route people take to get to your site which may be search engine, social media site or backlinks from other sites.

The behaviour section gives you insight about how people are interacting with your site. On this page you’ll know about those pages and posts that are most popular.

The audience section gives you information about the visitors to your site. In this segment, you get percentage analysis of visitors’ classified based on gender, age, occupation, etc.

Using  the information gotten from these three categories, one can perform “smarketing” (smart marketing); optimizing those channels which generate most leads, optimise those posts that your visitors are most interested in and create content that’s relevant to your audience.

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