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Analytics is the discovery, interpretation and communication of significant patterns in data. Especially useful in areas such as in documented information, the analytics is based on the simultaneous appliance of statistics, operation research and computer programming to quantify the effect.

Virtually speaking, analytic (from Greek ἀναλυτικός – analytikos) is used to describe “having the ability to analyze” or “division into principle or element.

Analytics is a multidimensional and encompassing field that uses statistics mathematics, machine-learning techniques and predictive modeling to discover significant knowledge and patterns in recorded data.

Organizations can make use of analytic to their business data, predict, improve and describe business performance. The areas covered by analytics include predictive analytics, normative analytics, and management of business decisions, retail analytics, inventory unit optimization and store assortment, marketing mix modeling and marketing optimization, sales force sizing and optimization, web analytics, predictive science, fraud design and sales force sizing. In view of the fact analytical may require a lot of calculation that is, Big Data, the software and algorithms that is used for analytics to exploit the latest analytics methods in Statistics, Computer Science, and Mathematics.

Analytical is multidisciplinary. There is general use of statistic and mathematics and utilization of predictive and descriptive techniques to acquire important knowledge from data analysis and data model. The Ideas from data are used to suggest actions or conduct in making sound business decisions making. Therefore, analysis did not concerned so much about a particular analysis or analysis steps, but with the overall methodology. There is an obvious inclination to use term analytics in an organizational environment, for example text mining versus the text analytics to highlight the larger [reference needed] perspective. There is a growing use of the word advanced analytical term normally used to illustrate the technical aspects of analytics, particularly in new areas, such as using machine learning techniques like prediction models to do neural networks.

Analytical techniques often used in marketing mix including marketing mix modeling which include optimization of the sales force and customer analytics, such segmentation and pricing and promotion analysis. For example segmentation. Optimization of websites, online campaigns and web analytic are now often work hand in hand with the conventional techniques of marketing analysis techniques. Focusing on digital media slightly changed vocabulary, so the marketing mix modeling is normally known as a modeling attribution in marketing mix modeling context or digital modeling.

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