Exhibition Stand Design & Setup for Trade Fairs for Agricultural Machinery

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Exhibition Stand Design & Setup for Trade Fairs for Agricultural Machinery

Exhibition Stand Design & Setup for Trade Fairs for Agricultural Machinery

Pixelmate Exhibits and Designs caters to the farm machinery industry in the trade fair and stand setup, we have unique designs for this industry and we cater to them and provide all kinds of support and solutions required to make them stand out of the clutter, we cater not only to the fortune 500 but to the startups and small and medium enterprise.

Companies in the agricultural machinery industry can avail Pixelmate Exhibits & Designs service by writing to them at info@pixelmateindia.com or logging on to their website www.pixelateindia .com.

One stop solution to all your exhibition and trade fair needs.

Agricultural machinery is defined as machinery used in farming and carrying out other agricultural operations. Agricultural machinery includes a wide array of equipment ranging from simple hand tools to power implements like tractors and ploughs. There are various farm machinery used in both organic and inorganic farming. Mechanized farming has played a large role in the evolution of modern agriculture

History of agricultural machinery

Farming methods took a great leap forward with the advent of the industrial revolution and development of complicated machines. This was due to the fact that the machines made farming operations a lot easier and were far more effective than the traditional methods of farming. Operations like harvesting and planting could now be done with machines instead of using hand tools like a sharp blade or a sickle. Separation of farm produce was made easier with the introduction of the threshing machine. The first tractors appeared in the late 19th century.

The steam power engine came first and took over the heavy pulling work of the oxen. Internal combustion engines (petrol and diesel engines) gradually became the main source of power for the next generation of tractors. These engines contributed greatly to the development of the self-propelled, combined harvester and thresher. This machine could cut thresh and separate grains while moving through the field.


Important Farm Machinery


The Tractor

Modern day farming basically revolves around the tractor. It was born out of the inability of human labor and farm animals to cope with large farm implements. The self-propelled tractor model runs on gasoline unlike its predecessor which ran on a steam-powered engine. the tractor is mainly upgraded in response to upgrades of other farm implements.

The Plow

The plow is the primary equipment for preparing the soil for planting. It basically consists of one or more curved blades (mold boards) which can be varied in degrees of depth. These blades turn the soil uprooting weeds and expelling stones.

Combine Harvester

Combine harvesters take proper care of the harvesting process. They remove grains from the stalks which have been taken from the ground and then shake the excess debris from the grain. This process of threshing and cleaning confers the ‘name’ on the implement.

Irrigation Equipment

One important attribute of modern agriculture is the use of irrigation which is totally dependent on specialized engine gear and pumps which provide a high volume of water to a large expanse of farm land in very little time. These implements are quite similar to those used in delivering fertilizers and pesticides.

Other Equipment

Farm mechanization is not limited to the tractor alone. As a matter of fact it has developed to the use of trucks and other vehicles. Airplanes and helicopters are utilized for transporting crops and seedlings and increasing mobility of equipment.

The future of farm mechanization

Farm mechanization has evolved over the past hundred years. With the computer revolution, came astounding development in all sectors of human endeavor and the agricultural sector wasn’t exempted to this development. Computer-monitoring systems are now being used in carrying out farming operations. Automated programs are more precise in carrying out farming operations. They are at least three to four times more cost-effective than traditional implements. As a matter of fact, driverless tractors may take over the industry in the industry in the nearest future.

Challenges of using farm machinery

Here are two major issues about farm mechanization.

Small farm size

The large conversion of agricultural to meet housing, industrial and recreational purposes has greatly limited the ability to practice farm mechanization. First of all, farm machines are usually large and conspicuous and would not be as effective on small parcels of land.

Decrease in supply of labor

In recent years, the agricultural sector has suffered serious neglect in terms of availability of labor. Individuals now prefer to work in industries that require high level of sophistication and expertise like the medical and tech industries.

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