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International automobile exhibition are of great importance today with its growing popularity and the growing need for cars and trucks in the world. These international auto shows provide an excellent platform for auto manufacturing organization meet and showcase and share their expertise and technology. In one way or the other, the goal is to encourage the production of automobile product.

Automobile companies go global with public who come from around the world. International automobile exhibitions introduce automobile dealers and buyer with the latest automotive technology and the latest models of cars and concept, cars that manufacturers are ready to present. In today’s business world, car fair gives manufacturers ample opportunity to present their products to the global buyers.

Numerous auto shows take place around the world. The city that organizes a car international exhibition immediately makes its place in the map of the world of automobile. It became a center for the sale and purchase of cars. Millions of dollars are signed contracts between manufacturers and car dealers at the show.

The nature of international motor shows has evolved to a wider extent since its inception. At first they were only the existing models and latest models which will be launched in the market were displayed in these exhibitions. But gradually the style changed. Today, the tendency is to showcase the concept cars that are not for sale or marketing, as well as production cars. These concept cars are to adopt new technology, creativity and innovation and in the spotlight. They are not for sale.

As for the International Auto Show in Detroit is the name in the first place. The city has a rich history of organizing successful exhibitions of cars. The first motor show was held in 1907 in Detroit, North America. The show was successful.

Paris hosted the first exhibition of cars in the world. Paris Auto Show began back in 1898. Since then, Paris has seen the debut of several car models. Since 1988, Paris International Motor Show was named World Car. Before that, he was known as the Auto Show. The famous international auto show, although there are two types of auto shows – national and international, we will discuss the international auto show here. We have seen that in Paris in 2008 has just ended. The exhibition presents a series of concept cars and production cars. 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon has already attracted the attention of car dealers.

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