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The aquatic(s) something that is associated with the water; they live near or in water or taking place in water.

An Aquatic animal is an animal, which include vertebrate or invertebrate that lives in the water for all or part of their life. it can extract or breathing it air or oxygen from that dissolved in water from specific organs refer to as gills or directly through their skin. The natural environment and the animals that live them can be classified as terrestrial (land) or as aquatic (water).

In theory, the concept of aquatic animals can be applied to animal that reside either in fresh water (freshwater animals) or salt water (sea animals). However, marine is most often used for animals that live in salt water, and these are the sea, oceans, etc.

Aquatic animals (especially freshwater animal) are often a source of concern for environmentalists due to their fragility environment. Aquatic animals are under pressure from climate change, marine pollution, overfishing, and destructive fishing.

Understanding the composition of this industry can identify areas for improvement. It was positive to see a growing trend in the patronage across WA facilities, reflecting the involvement of the community in their local pool.

Expenses have also increase, repeating an upward movement experienced in the previous years. Financial expenses also increase when analyzing employers visit.Pools are constantly trying to better serve their communities and offer water and swimming safety lesson for all. It is hopeful that at risk grouped which includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and cultural and linguistically diverse groups, disable are having their needs highly cater for at centre around WA.  Although the total surplus workforce are evident throughout the country, it is not reflected in the individual regions, it will be important to work to see ways of lifeguard distribution, swimming teacher across area of need and pool operators.Similarly, water breathing animals,, for instance, mollusks, Fish, etc., the term “aquatic animal” can be applied to aquatic or marine mammals who breathe in air, such as in those in the order of Sirenia(sea cow) and cetacean(whales).which cannot live on land and likewise pinnipeds ( true seals, real ear seals and walruses). The term “aquatic mammals” also refers to four-footed mammals such as the beaver (family castoridge) and the river otter (lontra Canadensis) although they technically amphibians.

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