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The Health industry is also known as health economics and medical industry is the accumulation and integration of the sector within the socio-economic system that render services for the treatment of patients with preventive, curative, palliative and rehabilitation care. This includes the production and sale of goods and services to maintain and restore health. Modern healthcare industry is group into different sectors and depends on interdisciplinary teams of professionals that is, paraprofessional and trained professional to meet the health needs of individuals and populations.

The health sector is one of the largest industries and the fastest growing in the world. The consumption of more than 10 percent of gross domestic product of most developed countries, health care can be of great impact on the economy of a country. Healthcare industry is also fast growing in terms of employment and revenue generation. Healthcare comprises hospitals, clinical trials, medical devices, telemedicine clinical trials, telemedicine, medical tourism and medical equipment health insurance.

For the purposes of financing and management, the health sector is generally divided into several zones. As a primary framework for defining the sector, International Classification of the United Nations International standard Industrial Classification (ISIC) group healthcare industry commonly consists of:

• Medical and dental services.
• Human health activities.

This third class includes, or under the administration of midwives and nurses.

Scientific, Physiotherapists, laboratories or clinical diagnostic pathology, health or other related health professions. For example In the field of hydrotherapy, optometry, medical massage, music therapy, yoga therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, chiropody, chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathy,etc.
Industrial classification Benchmark and Global industry Classification standard further categorize the industry into two main group of;

• Health facilities and services; and
• Biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and related life sciences.

The healthcare industry tools service group involves companies that provide medical supplies, medical equipment, and health services such as including nursing homes, hospitals, and home health care services. This later category of companies included in the list of companies includes company that produce pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other scientific services.

Other method to explaining the scope of the healthcare sector tend to agree to a broader definition, including other key activities related to health, such as training and education for health professionals, management and regulation of health service delivery and the provision of complementary and traditional medicines and management of health insurance.

The public today is probably better informed about science, medicine and Technology than any previous period in history.

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