Pixelmate Exhibits & Designs caters to the agricultural industry in the trade fair and stand setup we have unique designs for this industry and we cater to them and provide all kind of support and solution required to make them stand out of the clutter, we cater not only to the fortune 500 but to the start ups and small and medium enterprise.

Agricultural industry companies can avail Pixelmate Exhibits & Design service by writing to them at info@pixelmateindia.com or logging on to their website www.pixelmateindia.com.

One stop solution to all your exhibition and trade fair needs.

Agriculture is the cultivation and breeding of plant, fungi, animals, for food, biofuel, fiber, medicinal plants and other products used for the improvement and maintenance of human life. Agriculture was a major development in the increase of sedentary human civilization, whereby agriculture of native species produced excess food that nurtured the growth of civilization. The study of agriculture could be regarded as agricultural science. The history of agriculture could be traced back to thousands of years, and its improvement has been defined and driven by wholly different, technology, climate, and a very different culture. Industrial agriculture is based on large-scale monoculture agriculture has happen to be the principal agricultural methods.

Modern agronomy, agrochemicals, plant breeding, such as fertilizer and pesticide, and technological advancement have increased in many cases the yields from cultivation, but at the same vein this have caused extensive ecological problem and negative effects on human health. Modern practices and Selective breeding in animal husbandry have similarly improved animal meat production, but expressed concern about the welfare and health effects in animals’ antibiotics, growth hormones and several chemicals generally used in industrial meat production. Agricultural food production and water management are all global issues that stimulate debate on several fronts. In recent decades there has been a significant degradation of water resources and land, including the depletion of aquifers and the impact of global warming on agriculture and agriculture on global warming is not always understood.

The main agricultural products can be categorized into fibers, foods, fuels and raw materials. Specific foods include grains, fruit, and vegetables, oils, and spices meat. The fibers are cotton, wool and silk, hemp, silk and linen. Raw materials are bamboo and wood. Other valuable resources are produced by plants, such as dyes, medicine, perfumes, biofuels and decorative products, such as nursery plant and cut flowers. More than one third of workers around the world are employed in agriculture, only pushed the service sector.

An Agricultural exhibition is a public event that shows the equipment, animals, sports and recreation related to the agriculture and livestock. It comprise a livestock show an event in which breeding stock is exhibited, competition, entertainment and trade fair. The work and practices of farmers, zoologists, cowboys and animal lover. The term agricultural exhibition   and livestock exhibition are similar with the North American term of state fair and county fair. Agricultural exhibition has helped the agricultural industry in achieving their aim and objectives.

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